Double XP Event

Double XP and a big sale this weekend

Dear Pilots,

Double XP Weekend and a big Sale all the way again – starting today at 1pm CET (UTC +1) until Monday, February 11, 5 am CET (UTC +1)!

Means: 50% off FTL missions, increased merit cap and double experience for everyone, all weekend!

Plus: A 20% discount on Hull Upgrades! Also all weekend!

Your Battlestar Galactica Online Team


Game update 2 - 31.01.2013

Top 5 Bugs fixed!

Hello Pilots,

We´re going to deploy an update on all live servers today at 5.30pm CET (UTC+1), for more information check the official announcement:


Your BSGO Team


Troy online this weekend

Test our latest bug fixes this weekend

Dear Pilots,

How about a new round of testing ?

Troy is back all weekend! We're bringing the server up for you at around 4.30 pm CET:


Game Update 01 - 17.01.2013

A new beginning

We are deploying an update to all live servers on Thursday, January 17th in order to introduce our new Tutorial, as well as introduce UI improvements and bug fixes.
This update will need an overall server maintenance of approx. 120 minutes. We are going to shut the servers down at 2 pm CET (UTC+1). The countdown will start around 1.45pm CET.

Patch Notes:

  • Introducing a new game entry
  • Introducing a new tutorial with two new missions and more action right from the start
  • Introducing a new "Ghost Effect" when spawning from undocking


  • Fixed an issue where the camera continued moving after releasing the left mouse button


  • UI: improved mission reward popup window
  • UI: adjusted bracket colors in targeting system
  • Story missions: adjusted mission content due to consistency
  • Story missions: improved dialogue window
  • Story missions: added dialogue log and button
  • Camera: adjusted camera modes


Official Development Statement

First Official Development Statement 2013

Hello Everyone,

It’s the beginning of the New Year, and we hope everyone has had a great start to the coming year. You may have noticed the devs have been a bit quiet lately. I want to introduce myself to the community. I’m Javery_BP, and I’m the lead designer on Battlestar Galactia Online.

Over the past few months, the team in Hamburg has been working hard to make a smooth transfer of development from San Francisco. We’ve been coordinating with the office in San Francisco, and have taken over the reins from the great people who worked at that office. With the transfer complete, we are ready to take Battlestar Galactica Online to the next level.

The designers on BSGO want to develop a strong relationship with the community, and are determined to make BSGO even better. First, we will revive “Dev Fridays”, where we will answer your questions. Every Friday, the Devs will be available to answer the top five questions of the community. Also, in the next couple of months, you’re going to see a new “Dev Blog”, where we talk about what new features we’re developing and what direction we plan on taking the game.

You may be wondering what’s in store for BSGO over the coming year. One word: Gameplay. Our primary focus for the coming year is improving gameplay. We’ve developed a vision to dramatically improve the quality of the game. We’re going to focus on every aspect of the gameplay, and work to make it as clear and smooth as possible. We’ve put together a top notch team in Hamburg, and we’re determined to make sure that your BSGO becomes the most enjoyable experience possible. We’re focused on giving you a high quality game. You’re going to see regular content updates, balancing improvements, new gameplay, and improved game stability.

I know what you’re thinking, “Put your money where your mouth is.”

That’s just what I’ll do. Over the holiday season you saw our first event, the “Feast of Poseidon”. Thousands of you fought viciously to collect vital supplies and raise the moral of the fleet, or crush it for that matter. That’s just the start. Very soon, BSGO will see brand new tutorials, which we hope will improve the entry for new players, giving you more people to play with and compete against. But, that doesn’t do anything for existing players does it?

That’s why I’m proud to announce the “Top Gun Tournament”. It’s part of the new tournament system that we’re working hard to develop. This new tournament system will address the issues of cheating in some of our tournaments, and make the process more fluid. Tournaments will take place within a special sector designed specifically for tournament fights, and a new scoring system is being developed to determine the winner. And this new tournament just marks the beginning of the new game content we have planned for you.

This year is going to be a big year for Battlestar Galactica Online. I hope you’ll come along for the ride.