New Wings UI Features!

updates to our Wings UI


With the release of Leoben (Part 2), Battlestar Galactica Online introduces the new look and design of the User Interface of our Wings system.

Basic Wings Information

  • Call up the Wings User Interface by using the hotkey, which defaults to B or by selecting the Wing Roster button in the upper right hand corner of the screen.
  • To create a new Wing

o   The player must not already be in a Wing

o   Type in a name to the “Create Wing” field and hit “Create Wing”(For English languages, special characters other than spaces are not allowed)

  • Once a character is in a Wing, their Wings User Interface changes. There are two tabs in this new window, Roster, and Wing Management
  • Number of members currently online and total number of members is displayed at the top of the Wing UI

Officer Chat

Officer chat now allows Wing members with sufficient permissions to hold chat conversations separate from their general Wing chat.

  • Must have permission in order to see or type in officer chat
  • Type /o followed by text in order to type in officer  chat

Roster Tab

The Roster Tab allows the player of a Wing to view their Wing’s roster, the level of Wing members, their rank, and location.


The Roster Tab will display four columns:

  • Call Sign – Corresponds with the name of a character
  • Level – Corresponds with the characters experience advancement level
  • Wing Rank – Displays the players position within the hierarchy of the wing
  • Location

o   Displays the sector in which the character is located

o   If the character is not online, it will display the amount of time they have been offline

  • Each column may be sorted by clicking on the column header


Context Menu

Right-clicking anywhere in the row of an intended member initiates a context menu

  • Permission only – The following menu options only show up with those members who have sufficient permissions to perform the actions.

o   Promote

o   Demote

o   Remove

Wing Positions

  • Wings now support six different ranks. They are:

o   Wing Leader

o   Group Leader

o   Flight Leader

o   Senior Pilot

o   Pilot

o   Recruit

  • Position names can be changed by those with sufficient permissions.

Wing Management Tab

The Wing Management system is brand new to Battlestar Galactica Online. It allows a Wing leader to set up different ranks with different permissions, granting them access to specific features.


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