Cylon and Colonial Carrier Reveals

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We did it! Here are the Carrier pictures for both Cylons and Colonials. Be sure to head to our Facebook page, , to see and let us know what you think.


Halloween XP and Merit Event

Oct. 28th through Oct 31st

Halloween is just around the corner and we’ve got an awesome event planned for this weekend!  While we all wait for the trick-or-treaters, be sure to log in to Battlestar Galactica Online to take advantage of these awesome bonuses!


Cylon and Colonial Carriers!

Get an early glimpse of the final designs

We’ve heard your feedback and we’re going to up the ante: help us get our Facebook page to 75k likes and we will reveal the final design for both the Colonial and Cylon carriers! The Colonial design has changed dramatically since our sneak peek back in July. Don’t believe us? Follow the link to see the teasers!


Producer Newsletter #1

1st Monthly Newsletter

In our first monthly Producer Newsletter, learn more about plans to address faction balance and stability:

Click Here

Many exciting things are coming to Battlestar Galactica Online, learn about them here first!


Carrier Concept Art

75K Facebook Likes

How would you like to see some new exclusive content? Be sure to "Like" our Battlestar Facebook page! Once we hit 75,000 Page Likes, we will show off the final Carrier design for the Colonial faction!