BSGO Beta Update – April 6, 2011

To the Fleets!

We are planning to deploy the patch as scheduled to the live servers today.

Main purpose of this update is the Battlestar Galactica Online game client upgrade to the Unity 3d version 3.3. This is the latest version of Unity, making the gaming experience much more stable and exciting.

We also made some balancing adjustments to the repair and durability system and the connected resources; this is the first step of more balancing adjustments following up in the next patches.

Detailed patch notes are located in the dev blog section of your forum.

Galactica actual out!


Aerilon a new colony in BSGO

Aerilon recon SitRep:


The Aerilon reconnaissance squad was able to sustain a permant bridge-head in Battlestar Galactica Online US east datacenter. All are welcome to join in the battle for the Veil sector.


Galactica actual out!


Picon arrived at BSGO

Calling the Fleets:

The population Battlestar Galactica Online is growing and more space for exploration and epic battles is needed.


Connected to today’s update a new colony was founded in our European datacenter.

The colony of Picon has joined Battlestar Galactica Online and has opened its gates, for new habitants.


Galactica actual out!


BSGO goes Open Beta

Hello Pilots

Urgent news form the Fleet Headquarters:

The day we all have waited for, finally arrived. Battlestar Galactica Online Open Beta started and with the start of the open beta the NDA has officialy been lifted.
So tell all your friends how awesome BSGO is and let them know they should report for duty on board of the Galactica or the Basestar asap

With the open beta another important feature is finally available:

Localized game clients.

You can now choose one of the available languages in the upper right corner of the log in screen.
To start the game in your language just select it and log in. The game will then start with the localized client.

There´s one more thing we add for the open beta, a 2nd EU-Server, "Libran" which is now availble.

Enter the game and join the epic Battle for the Veil sector.

Your Battlestar Galactica Online Team


Last ramp up for Closed Beta Testers

Greetings Pilots,

We are planning to significantly ramp up the number of Closed Beta Testers in the next few days.

This means that all registered closed beta accounts will be activated on the server, they have created a character by choosing EU or US beta Server in the server selection screen.
This is your opportunity to create characters on the EU or US beta server, or set up additional accounts to have a peek at the opposing force.
All achieved account progress should remain for the open beta and final launch.


Your Battlestar Galactica Online Team