Last ramp up for Closed Beta Testers

Greetings Pilots,

We are planning to significantly ramp up the number of Closed Beta Testers in the next few days.

This means that all registered closed beta accounts will be activated on the server, they have created a character by choosing EU or US beta Server in the server selection screen.
This is your opportunity to create characters on the EU or US beta server, or set up additional accounts to have a peek at the opposing force.
All achieved account progress should remain for the open beta and final launch.


Your Battlestar Galactica Online Team


Server info for Open Beta!

Hello Pilots,

We are planning to release Battlestar Galactica Online to Open Beta at the latest on February the 8’th 2011.

For Open Beta we will only provide Global Servers.

Supported Client languages will be:
•    English
•    French
•    German
•    Italian
•    Polish
•    Russian
•    Spanish
•    Turkish
Every supported language will have their own localized Battlestar Galactica Online forum.

For Global Servers there only will be one official chat language ingame.
Fleet chats, System chats and Open chats are restricted to be used as English only chats.
Squad chats and Wing chats can be defined by the members of the Squad and Wing.

Chat ban discussions for "Global Server" will have to be addressed to the English BGO forum in the Chat forum section (Everything about the chat forum … chat rules, info, lifting of bans, questions, suggestions, etc.).

For Open Beta start there will be 3 game servers:
•    EU Beta Server will be renamed to “Tauron”
        It will be located in our European Datacenter.
•    US Beta Server will be renamed to “Scorpia”
        It will be located in our US East Datacenter.
•    Additional Server for Open Beta will be “Caprica”.
        It will be located in our US East Server Datacenter.

If necessary additional servers will follow on, in our Datacenters in EU and US.

If you are participating the Closed Beta all your beta accounts will remain on the renamed beta servers.
Bigpoint will not support any account, item, resources or cubits transfers.

Please address any on topic discussion to the discussion thread.


Your Battlestar Galactica Online Team


Vote now for BSGO

Hey all,

Vote now for Battlestar Galactica Online most anticipated browser game of the year 2010.

Don't let the Fleets down.

Battlestar Galactica Online needs you.

To vote just follow the link.


Your Battlestar Galactica Online Team


Happy Holidays!

Hail to the Fleets.

Another exciting year comes to an end and a hopefully even more exciting year will follow.
We want to thank you all for your continued support and hope you keep on enjoying your stay in the Veil Sector!

During the Holidays the Dev team is continuing work on the next build, but please be aware that the community team and the support are skeleton stuff during the holidays, response time to support request could slightly increase.

Happy Holidays!!

Husker over


BSGO Board Team

Hello Battlestar Galactica Online community,

As you have probably notice, we have started to build up a BSGO Board Team. They will be responsible for a number of tasks, but overall to help the Battlestar Galactica Online community run smoothly by addressing your questions and concerns. You can find their mod threads in the Battlestar Galactica Online - Meet The Team section.

Please feel free to drop by and say 'hi' to them. Keep in mind that their personal threads are not the place to post your game questions nor to complain to them if you are unsatisfied about something.

Here are a few reminders from the mods:

• Each section/subsection has a description of what is to go within there. The user to user and speakers corner are the best place to put threads that are social in tone.

• In the coming days the mods will be sorting through the different sections of the board and organizing things for better usability. Please note that your threads/posts may be moved to the appropriate section with a re-direct of a few days. If you are having difficulties finding a post you made, please look in your User CP (located top left) to see the threads to which you have subscribed.

Please also title your thread appropriately. Naming your thread 'help me' does not let other users know the topic of your thread. This increases the work for the moderators, as they will have to have to answer the same questions multiple times. Descriptive thread titles also help when using the search function in the forum.

• To find the answer to your questions much more quickly (rather than waiting for a mod response), please use the board's search function located on the top tool panel. If you still cannot find what you are looking for then please make your post so that we can help you.

Kind Regards,

Your BSGO Team