Troy up for testing – Unity 4 version

Test the latest BSGO Build

Dear Pilots,

We brought our public test server Troy up for testing our new Unity 4 client build.  For more information visit the official announcement:
> Link <

Your Battlestar Galactica Online Team

Your Battlestar Galactica Online Team


April Fool's joke!

We hope you enjoyed the farming joke

Hi pilots,


From all of us here at BSGO we hope you had a good 1st of April and enjoyed the "Farmerama" joke.


Here is a link to the discussion thread: Link.

Tell us if you liked the cylon cow!



Your BSGO team.


The Forge of Hephaestus

BSGO Spring event !

The Forge of Hephaestus

During the Exodus from Kobol, Hephaestus forged ancient artifacts to aid in the Twelve Tribe’s journey. Many of those artifacts were lost in the vastness of space, but they have been rediscovered. To open an “Aegis of Hephaestus”, salvage must be collected and analyzed with Technical Analysis Kits. So go out there, collect the necessary salvage and discover the mysteries of Hephaestus.

Find out more here: > Link <


Balancing Interview

With Game designer Tobias_BP

Read in an exclusive interview what our Balancing Expert Tobias_BP says about re-balancing the game.

Click >here< to read the interview!


Game Update 04

Fancy a little game?

Hello Pilots,


Check out the patch notes from our latest update here: >Link<



Your BSGO team.