Game Update 24
New Tasks

We are deploying an update to all live servers on Thursday, November 7th. This update will contain the Stage One of our new Assignments and – time to get excited: Escort Tournaments!

The primary source of content has always been the daily missions. In the first phase of our new assignment system we are going to change the missions significantly. So what’s to expect?

Well, how does this sound?

  • 250% increase of the Daily Mission rewards
  • Cubits and Merits are added to Dynamic Mission rewards for Gold and Platinum levels

Good for a start, eh? And there is even more. You will find new missions in your Daily Mission logs as well, for you to participate in the new dynamic content of our game and get more loot out of it! The two new missions are:

  • Regional Combat Patrol: Participate in 3 dynamic missions
  • Regional Combat Patrol – Strategic Victory: Win 1 Dynamic Mission

These two missions will replace your mining missions after your character reached level 20. 

Find more details in Lead Game Designer Javery_BP’s latest Developer’s Blog:


You have been asking for it and we have heard your call! Pretty soon we are looking for the “Escort Top Gun”!

With this release we are going to introduce our new Escort Tournaments. Those tournaments are pretty similar to the Strike tournaments. They are featuring the same characteristics, but the sector is much bigger and you are only able to participate if you are above level 10.

Also as a part of streamlining our game content and cross-promote different game elements to animate everyone to play we are exchanging Tuning Kits for Interdiction Duty map packs – depending on the ranking in both the Escort and Strike tournaments.

We also improved our ranking display for both tournaments! Look out for the new tables to see your position after the next tournament!

So join the battle and be the next Escort Top Gun!


This update will need a server maintenance of approx. 120 minutes overall. We are going to start to shut the servers down at 9.30am CET (UTC+1). The countdown will start around 15 minutes beforehand on each server.

The game update will be deployed as following:

 9.30 am CET – EU Kobol

10.00 am CET – EU Libran, Virgon, Canceron

10.30 am CET – EU Tauron, Picon, Sagittaron

11.00 am CET – US EAST

11.30 am CET – US WEST



-          Content:  Increased Daily Mission Rewards

-          Content:  Two new Daily Missions

-          Content:  Escort Tournament


  • Fixed an issue where the client crashed after leaving / being removed from a squad while flying a carrier
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to rent a capital ship indefinitely and independently from another capital ship already being rented at the same time
  • Fixed an issue where the assignment progress was displayed 3 times in the middle of the screen
  • Fixed an issue where the dialogue was misinforming the player during the second tutorial mission

Your Battlestar Galactica Online Team

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